DExTER – Dependable Testing Laboratory aims to offer a reliable, multivendor testing infrastructure to evaluate emerging, cutting-edge technologies and hardware solutions. The DExTER infrastructure offers the required flexibility to define complex scenarios, in order to answer the needs of all project partners.

DExTER 2013 project partners:

  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
  • Fortinet
  • Ixia
  • Maguay

In today’s ever growing information technology environment, scalability is one of the key factors of success. Architecture design must both satisfy current needs as well as provide for future increase in resource usage. In this continuously dynamic environment, the only tool available when sizing equipment for a solid, scalable infrastructure is represented by the producer’s datasheet. However the granularity provided by the device specifications is often too large to identify the needed product in an efficient manner, leading to overspending or poor scalability. Moreover, creating detailed datasheets for each product, specifically tailored on the customer’s requirements, is not feasible from a producer’s standpoint, especially when operating under tight time budgets.
Individual testing by a neutral non-profit entity is the solution of choice to bring added value to both customers and producers, by providing key performance indicators and estimating their value in regard to the capabilities of the tested product, given the end client requirements, restrictions, infrastructure availability, and traffic patterns.