Open Source Summer School 2012

Friday, 22nd of June 2012, was the last day of the Open Source Summer School. We held final presentations and provided the participants with awards for taking part in the summer school.

Held under the umbrella of the NCIT Summer School, the Open Source Summer School sparked as an idea within the Systems Group and took shape as a collaboration between the Automatic Control and Computer Faculty and the ROSEdu Community, with support from the open source is more than a model of developing software, the summer school provided the participants with technical talks of various tools, skills for working in team and contributing in upstream and even personal development.

The summer school featured a plethora of technologies and people involved, ranging from wikis and source code management systems to mobile development and web development. 16 people were involved in organizational tasks, technical presentations and marketing; 6 people held invited talks on a diversity of topics with the goal of providing new perspectives to participants.

15 participants were selected out of an initial number of 38 applications, most of which were students in their first or second year at the Automatic Control and Computers Faculty. We were very pleasantly surprised by the participants’ enthuasism and involvement. They’ve gathered a lot of information and skills and have achieved very good results in the summer school hackathons. They’ve also had a very good time duing the social events. We are keen on organizing the summer school next year and on involving the same kind of passionate participants.

Special thanks go to the sponsors of the summer school: the Automatic Control and Computers Faculty, the ROSEdu Association, Adobe Romania, Eau de Web, Intel Romania and Google.

See you in 2013, on our updated Open Source Summer School!