Răzvan Deaconescu

Assistant Professor, PhD




University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Automatic Control and Computers Faculty

Computer Science & Engineering Department, EF303


Curriculum Vitae


Operating Systems, Networking Concepts, Peer-to-Peer Systems, Teaching & Training, Free/Open-Source Software and Communities, Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Team Management



  • Răzvan Rughiniș, Răzvan Deaconescu, Andrei Ciorba, and Bogdan Doinea. Rețele locale. Editura Printech, București, 2008.
  • Răzvan Rughiniș, Răzvan Deaconescu, George Milescu, and Mircea Bardac. Introducere în sisteme de operare. Editura Printech, București, 2009.

Research and Collaborations

My definite passion is Operating Systems. The projects and collaborations I’m involved in mostly deal with Operating Systems. I’m fond of low-level programming, system programming and kernel development.

  • P2P-Next: Delivering the next-generation Peer-to-Peer content delivery framework
  • Collaboration with Virtual Metrix Design: I’m coordinating teams of master students for creating an efficient SMP-able microkernel and enabling high availability features on top of it.
  • Collaboration with Open Software Solutions: We’re building TeamWork and TeamShare, applications for ensuring team/group communication and collaboration
  • Collaboration with Ixia Romania: Diploma and research projects in Operating Systems and Computer Networks

Recent Publications

  • Călin-Andrei Burloiu, Răzvan Deaconescu, and Nicolae Țăpuș. Design and Implementation of a BitTorrent Tracker Overlay for Swarm Unification. In International Conference on Network Services, 2011
  • Răzvan Deaconescu, George Milescu, and Nicolae Țăpuș. Simulating Connection Dropouts in a BitTorrent Environments. In EUROCON – International Conference on Computer as a Tool, 2011, IEEE, pages 1–4, 2011.
  • Răzvan Deaconescu, Marius Sandu-Popa, Adriana Drăghici, and Nicolae Țăpuș. Using Enhanced Logging for BitTorrent Swarm Analysis. In Proceedings of the 9th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference, Sibiu, 2010.
  • Răzvan Deaconescu, Marius Sandu-Popa, Adriana Drăghici, and Nicolae Țăpuș. BitTorrent Swarm Analysis through Automation and Enhanced Logging. International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications, 3(1):52–65, 2011.
  • Răzvan Deaconescu, Răzvan Rughiniș, and Nicolae Țăpuș. A BitTorrent Performance Evaluation Framework. Proceedings of Fifth International Conference of Networking and Services, 2009.


Other projects & activities


  • Computer Games – I’m a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment
  • Puzzles – riddles, mechanical puzzles, lateral thinking