Diploma Projects Proposals 2013

Students can register for Diploma Projects between 10 and 30 October 2013 on Students will be required to upload a CV. The selected candidates will be invited to an interview between 31 October and 8 November 2013.

1. Projects proposed by Ixia

  1. Suport postgresql pentru libjssql
  2. Suport client/server pentru multi-engine în LiSA
  3. Virtual Networking Lab (vLab)

2. Projects proposed by VirtualMetrix

  1. VMXL4 Build System
  2. VMXL4 Locking Improvements
  3. VMXL4 Microkernel Fastpath
  4. VMXL4 Native Runtime Environment
  5. VMXL4 IA32 (x86) port

3. Projects proposed by Freescale

  1.  2.5D Engine over OpenVG
  2. Adding hardware virtualization extensions support in lguest
  3. Automatic Cruise Control
  4. Compilator bazat pe LLVM pentru arhitectura Freescale S12Z / L-ISA
  5. eCryptFS Linux kernel acceleration on Freescale P1010 Platform
  6. Managing guests with libvirt and Topaz
  7. Scalable Vector Graphics Animations over OpenVG
  8. Multi-core GDB agent for bare-board applications

4. Projects proposed by Cisco

  1.  Custom Encryption
  2. Graphical Packet Generator
  3. Latency-based Routing
  4. MTU Monitoring
  5. Topology Aware Networks

5. Projects supported by Intel

  1. Algorithms for multimodal human-computer interaction (2 students)
  2. Android error monitoring service
  3. Gesture Recognition – performance analysis research project (2 students)
  4. Video Analytics – algorithms research project (2 students)

6. Projects proposed by Microchip

  1. Embedded Internet Radio Player
  2. Multiprotocol Sensor Network Gateway

7. Projects proposed by SpamExperts

  1.  Domain names validator with IDN and all actual TLDs support
  2. SpamExperts plugin for HostBill
  3. SpamExperts plugin for InterWorx
  4. SpamExperts plugin for Ubersmith
  5. WHMCS & Zoho CRM Synchronization

8. Projects proposed by

  1. Sistem de autentificare
  2. Sistem de gestiune conținut adăugat
  3. Sistem de gestiune utilizatori

9. Projects proposed by AppEngine Association

  1. ADMA – Modul Orar
  2. Gator – Comparator preturi/specificatii
  3. Gator – Crawler web

10. Projects in collaboration with

  1. Android application for the extraction of BRISK keypoint descriptors
  2. Development of an Ambilight-enabled media player using the Pandaboard
  3. FPGA Offloading of Hadoop compression
  4. Image matching application on a Hadoop cluster of ARM processors, using OpenCV and JavaCV
  5. Network packet generation using a many-core FPGA accelerator
  6. PCI Express hardware interface and driver for the Xilinx ML605
  7. Road sign recognition using artificial neural networks and a many-core FPGA accelerator

11. Other projects

  1. Mobile Collect and Swap
  2. Mobile Order Aggregator
  3. Analiza retelei facultatii / RoEdu folosind SymNet
  4. Optimizarea consumului de energie pentru retea: telefoane mobile Android
  5. O implementare mai sigura a Diffie-Hellman folosind Multipath TCP pentru dispozitive mobile
  6. Teste de mobilitate folosind Multipath TCP pe IOS/Android
  7. Optimizarea implementarii Multipath TCP pentru aplicatii ce necesita latenta scazuta
  8. Aplicaţii pentru accelerometru/giroscop
  9. Aplicație de monitorizare/vizualizare a mediului WiFi
  10. Poziţionare în interior folosind amprente radio
  11. Procesare de pachete la viteză mare – PF_ring vs NETMAP
  12. Dashboard pentru programele Wyliodrin
  13. Editor vizual pentru Wyliodrin
  14. Integrarea proiectelor Wyliodrin cu github