Diploma Projects Proposals 2014-2015

Students can register for Diploma Projects  until 7 November 2014 on Students will be required to upload a CV. The selected candidates will be invited to an interview between 8 and 14 November 2014.

Pentru proiectele propuse de Freescale folosiți formularul de aplicare.

1. Projects proposed by

  1. Extragerea de informații despre interacțiunea între membrii unei comunități
  2. Porting Valgrind to LLVM
  3. Configurarea unui testbed folosind OpenFlow
  4. Implementarea unui router cu Quagga si Openflow
  5. Send Buffer Advertising in TCP
  6. Cât de bine îți merge netul pe mobil?
  7. Aplicație Android pentru distribuție fotografii
  8. Benchmark criptare Android
  9. Implementare TCP option extension
  10. Suport javascript pentru mailfilter
  11. System-Level Checkpointing Mechanism in Android
  12. Cloud-Based Hardening Service for iOS Apps
  13. Generic Function Interceptor for Executables
  14. Secure online collaboration
  15. Adaptive network infrastructure for protocol evaluation
  16. Adaptive encryption for video streaming
  17. Traffic shape impact on security devices
  18. FreeBSD hypervisor projects

2. Projects in collaboration with

  1. DNA Alignment Algorithm Evaluation and Testing Environment
  2. GNU Radio Offloading on an FPGA SIMD Accelerator (Connex Array)
  3. Architecture Configurator for the Connex Array and OPINCAA

3. Projects proposed by CBN IT

  1. 2bitsEDU – Open Cloud Billing

4. Projects proposed by CISCO

  1. Middlebox Solutions through NFV
  2. Simulation Framework for RPL with onePK
  3. IPS Deployment with onePK

5. Projects proposed by Freescale: formular de aplicare

  1. Optimizare scalară low-level în LLVM
  2. Optimizarea automată a performanței aplicațiilor openCL
  3. Distributed trace decoding
  4. Navigating at Different Levels in Large Process Traces
  5. Eclipse headless build extensions to preserve symbolic links
  6. Optimized DDR validation
  7. QEMU – framework for co-simulation of QEMU and Freescale in-house simulators

6. Projects proposed by Intel

  1. Improving Android security using fuzz testing
  2. Android platform improvements for the open source community on (2 students)
  3. Platform performance modeling solution (2 students)

7. Projects proposed by IXIA

  1. Synchronization of Virtual Machines
  2. Traffic Loss Characterization in a Virtual Environment

8. Projects proposed by Microchip

  1. Multiprotocol Wireless Sensor Network Gateway
  2. Linux Home Automation Controller
  3. Linker Allocation Viewer Plug-in
  4. Intel HEX file to binary converter
  5. Call graph visualizer

9. Projects proposed by Wyliodrin

  1. ShareJS for Wyliodrin
  2. Android App for Wyliodrin
  3. Wyliodrin blocks store