Diploma Projects Proposals 2015-2016

Students can register for Diploma Projects  until 18 November 2015 here. Students will be required to link a CV. The selected candidates will be invited to an interview between 19 and 30 November 2015.

Accepted students must:

  • report weekly progress
  • have a demo for SCS (Sesiunea de Comunicări Stiintifice), ~15.05.2016

1. Projects proposed by

  1. Android accelerometer shortcuts
  2. Citizen traffic police
  3. Stack Visualiser
  4. Building systems using the seL4 microkernel
  5. Property-based testing of an L4 microkernel API
  6. Energy consumption meter for Mobile Phones and electronic modules
  7. Power Supply Unit tester
  8. Interactive Executable Mangler
  9. Interactive Inspection of Dynamic Loader
  10. Linux Sandbox Profile Maker
  11. Regular Expression Serializer/Deserializer
  12. Telepresence in education
  13. Video-conference helmet
  14. CODA: Implementation of a virtual footprint for cyber-security defense
  15. SwimPal: Mobile App for swimmers
  16. SwimPal: Embedded platform design for wearables

2. Projects in collaboration with Cisco Romania

  1. High Precision Indoor Wireless Location Tracking
  2. Smart Healthcare Analytics System
  3. Smart Farming Monitoring&Automation System
  4. Integration of APIC-EM Controller with OpenStack/NeXt UI
  5. Firewall Rule Security Auditing Application using APIC-EM

3. Projects in collaboration with Mentor Graphics Romania

  1. AGL distribution enhancing
  2. Automated testing framework using the Yocto Project

4. Projects in collaboration with Freescale

  1. Automotive MCU
    1. Cryptographic Based Applications for Automotive
    2. Save and Restore Mechanism for Virtual Machines in XEN hypervisor for ARM AARCH64
    3. Video Resolution Enhancement for Surveillance Systems
  2. DN networking
    1. TLS record generic processing in Linux kernel and HW offloading on Freescale platforms
    2. Public-key cryptography HW offloading on Freescale platforms
    3. Java Crypto HW offloading on Freescale platforms
    4. TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Linux kernel module on Freescale platforms
    5. On Multi-controller Placement Optimisation in Software Defined Networking-based WANs
  3. DN-DevTech
    1. Exception flow and trapping configurations viewer (editor) for ARM processors
    2. Merge multiple analysis results
    3. Logical navigation in really big traces
    4. A multicore approach for validating DDR memory
    5. Probeless validation service
    6. Bring-up – target connection sandbox

5. Projects in collaboration with Intel Romania

  1. Intel Romania – Hardening applications using Intel SG

6. Projects in collaboration with Fujitsu Romania

  1. Palm vein authentication

7. Projects in collaboration with ROHDE & SCHWARZ Topex

  1. Virtual Routing and Forwarding solution for dedicated devices 
  2. PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) implementation in a Linux Kernel module

8. Projects in collaboration with University of Maryland

  1. Malware family identification
  2. Enterprise log analysis for identifying attacks
  3. Identifying malicious domains/Predicting DDoS attacks with social media analytics