Diploma Projects Proposals 2016-2017

This pages contains the list of bachelor project proposed by the Systems Group.

Students can register for Diploma Projects  until 3 Decembrie 2016 here. Students will be required to link a CV. The selected candidates will be invited to an interview between 3 and 10 December 2016.

Accepted students must:

  • report weekly progress
  • have a demo for SCS (Sesiunea de Comunicări Stiintifice), ~15.05.2017

Project nameCoordonator 1Coordonator 2CompanyScholarship
P01. On screen display for confidential informationRăzvan RughinișTiberius Pîrcălabu
P02. Mapping road qualityDragos Niculescu-NoNo
P03. Profilarea procesării de pachete Dragos Niculescu-NoNo
P04. Trek CalculatorDragos Niculescu-NoNo
P05. Aplicație distribuție pozeDragos Niculescu-NoNo
P06. Comunicație optică cameră - ecranDragos Niculescu-NoNo
P07. – Online Penetration Testing FrameworkRăzvan RughinișAdrian Furtuna
P08. Auto-generare de modele 3D pentru pantofi la comandăLaura Vasilescu-NoNo
P09. ExploreAGLAppSecurityAlexandru Văduva-NoNo
P10. Automated Testing FrameworkAlexandru Văduva-NoNo
P11. Remote CyclingLaura Vasilescu-NoNo
P12. Pentesting using machine learning Mihai Chiroiu-NoNo
P13. CERN - UPB projectsMihai Carabaș-
P14. Path Analysis and Predictive Querying for Footprints PlatformRăzvan RughinișVlad Bomboe
P15. SF: An automatic binary attack systemAlexandra SăndulescuRăzvan DeaconescuNoNo
P16. iOS App DebloatingRăzvan Deaconescu-NoNo
P17. Open Source machlib (Apple Binary Format Analysis)Răzvan Deaconescu-NoNo
P18. Bundle for iOS Firmware AnalysisRăzvan Deaconescu-NoNo
P19. IoT System for Ambiental MonitoringLaura GheorgheDan DragomirNoNo
P20. SmartPotLaura GheorgheDan DragomirNoNo
P21. Form Autocompletion based on Fingerprint AuthenticationLaura GheorgheDan DragomirNoNo
P22. Intelligent Robot for Exploring and Navigating a Closed SpaceDan DragomirLaura GheorgheNoNo
P23. Running Functions in CloudRăzvan Deaconescu-
P24. VM Unsupervised Behavior Learning (VM-UBL)Răzvan Deaconescu-
P25. PKCS#11 implementation using NXP crypto accelerationRăzvan RughinișMircea PopNXP No
P26. XDP-based IPsecRăzvan RughinișMircea PopNXP No
P27. Performance optimizations based on ARM-CERăzvan RughinișMircea PopNXP Yes
P28. Comparison of TLS libraries and crypto access from user spaceLaura VasilescuCristian StoicaNXP No
P29. Performance characterization of Apache Spot on NXP QorIQ processorsRăzvan RughinișBogdan ConstantinescuNXP No
P30. Implementation of Deep Neural Networks on vectorial processorsRăzvan RughinișCristi MacarascuNXPYes
P31. Automotive sensor fusion Răzvan RughinișCristi MacarascuNXPYes
P32. openVX on NXP automotive devicesRăzvan RughinișCristi MacarascuNXPYes
P33. Automotive radar algorithmsRăzvan RughinișCristi MacarascuNXPYes
P34. Web audio player using Microchip embedded Linux platformsCristian BîrsanRăzvan DeaconescuMicrochipNo
P35. OpenWRT on Embedded Microchip Linux PlatformsCristian BîrsanRăzvan DeaconescuMicrochipNo
P36. Prototyping IoT with Espruino on Microchip MicrocontrollersLavinia GhicaRăzvan DeaconescuMicrochipNo
P37. Persistent Virtual Memory Across SnapshotsTeodor StoenescuRăzvan DeaconescuBitdefenderPossible
P38. VM Micro-snapshotsTeodor StoenescuRăzvan DeaconescuBitdefenderYes
P39. Smartphone-based Classification of Driver ManeuversVictor GrădinescuRăzvan DeaconescuMobile KineticsNo
P40. Backend Architecture for 3D Data ProcessingVictor GrădinescuRăzvan DeaconescuMobile KineticsNo