SCS Results 2013

03-10: Software systems and network services

Operating systems and compilers

First Prize: SmartMovieSharing
Student: Mircea-Ștefan Ghideu
Advisor: Mihai Bucicoiu


Second Prize: Jointly optimizing apps & TCP/IP stack using netmap
Student: Liviu Ioan
Advisors: Ş Costin Raiciu


Third Prize: Automatic Profiling
Student: Andrei Epure
Advisor: Ş Răzvan Deaconescu


Honorable Mention: Malware Analysis
Student: Cristian Condurache
Advisor: Laura Gheorghe


Networking and security

 First Prize: LiSA
Students: Andreea Hodea, Victor Duta, Mihaela Martinas, Claudiu Ghioc
Advisor: Ş Răzvan Deaconescu


Second Prize: Inmeet – Welcome to the Real Social
Students: Mihnea Spirescu, Radu Ioncu
Advisor: Răzvan Rughiniş


Third Prize: Android Mesh Networking
Student: Mihail Costea
Advisors: Ştefan Popa, Alexandru Radovici


Honorable Mention: Cryptanalysis of polimorphic ciphers
Students: Barbu Tiberiu, Ilie Valentin
Advisors: Laura Gheorghe, Traian Popeea

03-0C: Networking and network services


First Prize:


1. High Availability Support for Android Based Platforms
Students: Larisa Grigore, Sofia Neață
Advisor: Ş Răzvan Deaconescu


2. IARCrypto
Student: Radu Velea
Advisor: Ş Mircea Bardac


Second Prize:


1. Influence of differential privacy on the shortest path problem
Student: Sergiu Costea
Advisor: Răzvan Rughiniş


2. Virtualized Dual Android on top of the VMXL4 Microkernel
Students: Mihai Carabaș, Irina Grădinaru, Lucian Mogoșanu, Adrian Șendroiu, Ștefan Tică
Advisor: Ş Răzvan Deaconescu


Third Prize:


1. Differentially private trajectory publication
Student: Marian Dumitru Barbu
Advisor: Răzvan Rughiniş


2. History Performance Analyzer
Student: Alexandru Gâtu
Advisor: Răzvan Rughiniş


Honorable Mention:


1. A distributed system for easy client association in wireless networks
Student: Victor Serbu
Advisor: Mihai Bucicoiu


2. Testarea modulului de autoaliniere pentru transmiterea de informații prin fascicul laser, bidirecțional, fără fir
Student: Ciprian Mihai Coman
Advisor: Răzvan Rughiniş