SCS Results 2015

03-16: Software systems and network services (bachelor)


Operating systems and compilers

First Prize: Porting VMXL4 to ARM64 architecture
Student: Ionel-Valentin GHIȚĂ
Advisors: Mihai CARABAȘ, Lucian MOGOȘANU


Second Prize: Property-based testing of the VMXL4 microkernel API
Student: Cosmin-Gabriel DRAGOMIR
Advisor: Lucian MOGOȘANU


Third Prize: Testarea Automata pentru Android UI Folosind Recunoastere de Imagini
Student: Florin PAPA
Advisor: Ș George MILESCU


Honorable Mention: TachoNet
Student: Andrei DATCU
AdvisorȘ Răzvan DEACONESCU


Honorable Mention: Securing operating systems using hardware capabilities
Student: Veronica Mihaela VELCIU Mihai CARABAȘ, Lucian MOGOȘANU, Mihai BUCICOIU


Networking and security

 First Prize: TraViS – A network application traffic monitoring tool
Students: Alexandra SĂNDULESCU, Dragoș BADEA
Advisor: Mihai CARABAȘ


Second Prize: Generic Function Interceptor for Executables
Student: Octavian Valeriu CRINTEA
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Third Prize: Location Tracking and Navigation Based on Wifi + Beacons
Students: Alexandru Razvan CACIULESCU, Andreea MARTINOVICI
Advisor: Răzvan RUGHINIȘ

03-17: Networking and network services (master)


Operating systems and compilers

First Prize: Feedback loop constraints applied to a system for the purpose of managing power and performance an embedded device
Student: Răzvan PREJBEANU
Advisor: Ș Laura GHEORGHE


Second Prize: Native Runtime Environment for Internet of Things
Student: Valentina Mihaela MANEA
Advisors: Lucian MOGOȘANU, Mihai CARABAȘ, Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Third Prize: Performance Isolation using PmSched Groups
Student: Claudiu-Constantin GHIOC
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Honorable Mention: Performance Evaluation of In-kernel System Calls
Student: Cristian CONDURACHE
Advisors: Lucian MOGOȘANU, Mihai CARABAȘ, Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Networking and security

First Prize: MTU Monitoring based on Software Defined Networking
StudentsGeorge-Emanuel PARASCHIVESCU, David-Cristian PARASCHIVESCU
AdvisorsȘ Laura GHEORGHE, Mihai CARABAȘ


Second Prize: TraViS: GPU Accelerated Computing Tool for Monitoring and Analyzing Network Traffic
StudentRuxandra TRANDAFIR Răzvan RUGHINIȘ


Third Prize: Machine Learning Solution for IPS
Student: Ionuț PLEȘEA
Advisor: Răzvan RUGHINIȘ


Honorable Mention: Offloading in a mobile environment using Bluetooth Low Energy technology
Student: Antonel-George DOBRE
AdvisorȘ Laura GHEORGHE