SCS Results 2016

03-10: Software systems and network services (bachelor)


First Prize: Interactive Inspection of the Dynamic Linker and Loader
Student: Lucia COJOCARU
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Second Prize: Interactive Executable Mangler
Students: Adrian DOBRICĂ, Ștefan-Gabriel MIREA
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Third Prize: Intelligent Mechanisms for Protected Access
Student: Gabriel Cristian AMBARUS
Advisor: Ș Mihai BUCICOIU


Honorable Mention: Interactive Construction of ROP-based and Format String Attacks
Student: Alexandru Razvan CĂCIULESCU
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Honorable Mention: Home IoT Gateway
Student: Mădălina HRISTACHE
Advisor: Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


03-16: Networking and network services (master)


First Prize: Managing Memory within the Picokernel User Space
Students: Flavius ANTON, Roberta DOBRESCU
Advisors: Mihai CARABAȘ, Lucian MOGOȘANU, Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU


Second Prize: M4Security: Voice-Encryption Solutions for End-User Security
Students: Dragos Mihai BADEA, Ion-Mihai SOARE, Ioan-Mihail STAN, Mihai ZAMFIRESCU
Advisor: Răzvan RUGHINIȘ


Third Prize: Context-Aware Security for Android
Student: Constantin-Alexandru TUDORICĂ
Advisor: Ș Laura GHEORGHE


Honorable Mention: Cracking RSA with adiabatic quantum computation
Student: Dan CIOCÂRLAN
Advisors: Dan DRAGOMIR, Nicolae ȚĂPUȘ


Honorable Mention: Power saving solution for heterogeneous computing architecture
Student: Mihai ȚIGĂNUȘ
Advisors: Mihai CARABAȘ, Lucian MOGOȘANU, Ș Răzvan DEACONESCU