GAINA Testbed

The GAINA testbed consists of 10 high-end servers, each equipped with:

  • a quad-port Gigabit network adapter
  • a dual-port 10 Gigabit network adapter.

The servers are connected to an 48-port HP Openflow switch and a 10 Gigabit IBM Switch.

The testbed is extensively used for systems research ranging from datacenter topology work (GRIN, CloudTalk), network processing and network function virtualization (XEN, virtualization), systems work (forwarding performance optimizations), as well as for teaching graduate level courses in cloud computing (where students run various distributed systems including Hadoop/HDFS/Spark/etc) and high-performance computing.

GAINA Testbed

GAINA Testbed


The high access bandwidth (10Gbps) ensures realistic inter-datacenter connectivity, and enables widely distributed applications. This link is fully functional, relying on direct connections to Hungary and Bulgaria:

GAINA connections to Hungary and Bulgari

GAINA connections to Hungary and Bulgaria

Multipath TCP – Research results

GAINA Testsbed has supported research on Multipath TCP resulting in a series of top level scientific publications and RFCs. Recent publications include (see here a more comprehensive list):

  • Costin Raiciu, Janardhan Iyengar and Olivier Bonaventure, 2013 – Recent Advances in Reliable Transport Protocols in Recent Advances in Networking (SIGCOMM eBook)
  • Enabling Fast, Dynamic Network Processing with ClickOS – J. Martins, M. Ahmed, C. Raiciu, F. Huici – in procedings of HotSDN 2013 [PDF]
  • Evolving the Internet with Connection Acrobatics – C. Nicutar, C. Paasch, M. Bagnulo, C. Raiciu – in proceedings of HotMiddlebox 2013 [PDF]
  • How Hard Can It Be? Designing and implementing a deployable Multipath TCP – C. Raiciu, C. Paasch, S. Barre, A. Ford, F. Duchene, O. Bonaventure and M. Handley in procedings of Usenix NSDI, San Jose, California [PDF]
    [ Awarded the Community Award at NSDI 2012 ]
  • Opening Up Black Box Networks with CloudTalk – C. Raiciu, M. Ionescu, D. Niculescu – in procedings of HotCloud 2012 [PDF]
  • Exploring Mobile/WiFi Handover with Multipath TCP – C. Paasch, G. Detal, F. Duchene, C. Raiciu, O. Bonaventure – in procedings of CellNet 2012
  • Is It Possible to Extend TCP? – M. Honda, Y. Nishida, C. Raiciu, A. Greenhalgh, M. Handley, H. Tokuda – in proceedings of ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2011, Berlin, Germany [PDF] [ Awarded the Applied Networking Research Prize by the Internet Research Task Force ] [ Featured on Slashdot ]
  • Improving datacenter performance and robustness with Multipath TCP – C. Raiciu, S. Barre, C. Pluntke, A. Greenhalgh, D. Wischik, M. Handley – in proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2011, Toronto, CA [PDF]
  • Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Congestion Control for Multipath TCP  – D. Wischik, C. Raiciu, A. Greenhalgh, M. Handley in proceedings of Usenix NSDI, 2011, Boston, USA [PDF] [Best paper award at NSDI 2011 ]

Internet Standards

  • RFC 6182 Architectural Guidelines for Multipath TCP Development – A Ford, C. Raiciu, M. Handley, S. Barre, J. Iyengar – March 2011
    RFC 6356 Coupled Congestion Control for Multipath Transport Protocols – C. Raiciu, M. Handley, D. Wischik – October 2011
    RFC 6824 TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple Addresses – A. Ford, C. Raiciu, M. Handley, O. Bonaventure – January 2013


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